Rainy Bloom Day , May 2011

 Bloom Day greetings to all..I bravely ventured out between cloudbursts ; through the calendar says May, we seem to be having an encore visit from March today. Blobby roses and aggressive snail attacks are sure to follow.

 This tagless Clematis makes a valiant effort to put out a half/dozen flowers a year in spite of horrible siting on the part of the gardener.


Remarkably, the Delphinium are still standing after the overnight rains.

Jean Giono


Drippy droopy roses

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens , our hostess for BloomDay...Be sure to visit !


  1. I remember fondly the digger's speedwell, your parahebe with those amazing perfoliate leaves. I brought my first one home from Western Hills many moons ago. Happy bloom day, Kathy!

  2. I love your droopy roses, they look wonderful! Do delphiniums come back for you, or do you grow them as annuals? Great photography.

  3. My guess on that Clem is 'The President'. Beautiful but doesn't seem to like California all that much. 'Jean Giono' sure is a looker.

    We got measurable rain here also, to my astonishment. Not that it isn't welcome!

  4. Think you are spot on Hoover, I know I planted one on that fence back in the day when it was the only one you could get locally. Probably came in a little box.

    Masha,my Delphs do come back . but I loose a couple to snails every year, so I buy another 6-pak. Plant 6, snails eat 3 , net gain 3.

    Waiting for the day when Western Hills rises again Denise.


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