Garden Bloggers BloomDay March 2020..Socializing with the Plants

Unless you decide to chew on an Oleander leaf, hanging out with your plants is a pretty healthy pastime.I did however manage to schedule a 3 day weekend that coincides with the first rain we have seen here since January. It looks to be intermittent so I hope I can get a few things planted and some mulch down between showers. I can't complain-watering the garden in March is just plain wrong and if this weather event had not come along it would have been a hose dragging weekend.

 My usually laid back Saturday morning grocery shopping was a Black Friday-esque experience -I have never seen so many people in Whole Foods at 8 am on a weekend. What were all these people doing in my grocery store ?  Why did I actually have to wait in line ? And a long-a** line at that. My shopping cart contents looked pretty measly compared with my fellow shoppers abundance piled high on the conveyor belt. Is my hoarding gene undeveloped ? I just felt absolutely no sense of urgency-in fact I was so inten…

A New Years Eve Visit to the Ruth Bancroft Garden

No rain and no traffic on New Years Eve morning prompted me to set off for Walnut Creek to pay a visit to the Ruth Bancroft Garden . I realized that I had not been since spring , and since I usually make it a point to go at least 3 or 4 times a year  I was way overdue . Winter is a beautiful season in the garden with it's more subdued light, mild temperatures and blooming Aloes .

  All washed clean by the rains. They do a first rate job here of mounding the beds with a sharp gravelly soil mix that for the most part protects these wet-averse plants from rot.

  Something I have never encountered in my many winter trips to RBG was paths that were closed due to muddy, mossy surfaces. One of my favorite paths too-dammit ! It's on my agenda to go back this month, but I will monitor the rain and plan accordingly.

 Agave ovatifolia is always ready for a close-up

 I was very distressed to see that this was all that remained of one of my favorite Eucalyptus in the garden. I failed t…

Portland HPSO Study Weekend Visit to Floramagoria

Spotty posting from me in the last couple of months due to a big mess in my Lightroom Catalog that I have been spending many hours trying to straighten out. As one of our IT dudes at the awfice says, this issue was unfortunately a PICNIC i.e. Problem In Chair Not In Computer. Mistakes were made both when I upgraded to a newer version of  Lightroom, and again when I moved photos to my new external hard drive. Most of 2019 is intact but 2015 is a mess-I may have lost most of my photos from that year. I hope to have everything cleaned up by the end of January. In the meantime here is another report from HPSO Study Weekend last summer in Portland.

  I first visited this Portland garden in 2014 upon the occasion of Garden Bloggers Fling. The weather had been relentlessly hot , but we had a lovely heat respite on day three and in fact had a refreshing rain squall that conveniently dissipated as we arrived. Study Weekend was a fantastic event , but the garden touring took place at the leas…