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Looking Back at June Garden Conservancy Open Garden

  If you know what to look for there is no mistaking the Marin County garden of artist Sally Robertson. The Garden Conservancy Open Days program was back up and running again and after 2 years of  visiting only a small handful of public gardens I was more than ready to tour a private garden again . Ms Robertson is a water colorist dealing primarily in botanicals and her garden provides ample subject matter. Having visited her garden before in 2016 , it was easy to locate once I turned on her road -hard to miss the iconic cloud pruned Monterey Cypress that tower above her fence.  Another Cypress is just a bit further down the path from the entry gate. The trees aren't the only subjects of  strong shaping; many of the evergreen shrubs in the garden are closely trimmed into globes or loose pyramid shapes. Others are allowed to grow naturally. Because it's intentional and clearly managed by someone who knows what they are doing , the effect is actually quite pleasing. It shows what