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A Brief Visit to Cornerstone

 Mornings have been a mixture of light marine overcast and smoke. This casts a golden glow on the landscape and muffles that harsh summer sunlight. I decided to drive down to Cornerstone in Sonoma county this morning to see if I could take advantage of the ethereal light and get some nice images of the gardens. Naturally the day dawned without a hint of fog or smoke. I have been looking forward to seeing nice clear blue sky but on my terms. My terms were disregarded by Mother Nature. Who does she think she is ? I went anyway and I'm glad I did. It wasn't great for photos but the gardens were in great form, at the height of glory before the late summer doldrums set in.  Cornerstone has for the last few years been the site of the Sunset Magazine test gardens after they sold their legacy property in Menlo park and moved the offices to Oakland. I have set aside my disappointment with the current iteration of the magazine and still subscribe even though the content is not always