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Garden Bloggers BloomDay for November 2021

  It's a small bloom haul this month-the weather has been really nice but the deciduous trees of the surrounding neighbors are still hanging on and combined with the lower sun angle my garden is pretty shady right now. And hallelujah, I've gotten just about 10 inches of rain since our first big storm in October. The hoses are retired for the winter. We have yet to have our 1st frost though we've had a few mornings in the high 30's. Nothing is knocked down yet- I still have basil but I pulled the tomatoes , planted spinach, kale and 100 Ranunculus. The ground temps are relatively warm so the weeds are are triumphant and  I appear to have approximately one to two million Nigella seedlings.      Pelargonium schitzopetalum has had it's best year ever and I was really surprised to see a bloom forming this late in the year. I'm going to attempt to divide it next spring. It's tuberous rooted so we shall see how that goes.  Dahlia 'Bee Happy' is in fact happ