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A New Years Eve Visit to the Ruth Bancroft Garden

 No rain and no traffic on New Years Eve morning prompted me to set off for Walnut Creek to pay a visit to the Ruth Bancroft Garden . I realized that I had not been since spring , and since I usually make it a point to go at least 3 or 4 times a year  I was way overdue . Winter is a beautiful season in the garden with it's more subdued light, mild temperatures and blooming Aloes .   All washed clean by the rains. They do a first rate job here of mounding the beds with a sharp gravelly soil mix that for the most part protects these wet-averse plants from rot.   Something I have never encountered in my many winter trips to RBG was paths that were closed due to muddy, mossy surfaces. One of my favorite paths too-dammit ! It's on my agenda to go back this month, but I will monitor the rain and plan accordingly.  Agave ovatifolia is always ready for a close-up  I was very distressed to see that this was all that remained of one of my favorite Eucalyptu