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The Garden of Michael Trapp

 Connecticut is particularly rich in garden touring opportunities ; the 2014 Garden Conservancys Open Days Directory has 33 pages of garden listings for the state starting in May all the way to October. Last weekend on the occasion of our annual garden tour blitz , my friends and I set off for the open gardens in Litchfeild County. Michael Trapp s garden is highly individualistic - Euro-Medit-Old World rolled up into one. Perched on a hillside overlooking the Housatonic river the cobble pavers lead you up and down terraces bordered by salvaged concrete balustrades, punctuated by pillars, urns and plantings that lead your eye to the mysteries ahead.   Sue and another friend relax on the terrace. Unfortunately ,no one brought them wine. Looking back towards the house.Still no wine.     This dining terrace was bordered on one side by espaliered fruit trees..very effective -but I don't seem to have gotten a photo.Guess I'll have to

Blooms in June-Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

 There is  a lot going on in the bloom department this month; even though the roses are just not quite there for the next big flush, it's seems as though everything else is in a happy bloom place. Check out the flowers across the world over at May Dreams , the home of this monthly display of floral excellence.  I love my Allium sphaerocephalon. I've reduced the daylily population in a big way here, and kept only those I really like. To combat the ratty post bloom foliage I cut them down to the ground when they finish. The new clean leaves are less objectionable, at least for a while !  Sanguisorba 'Chocolate Tips' I had to include a photo of a miraculous sight: a non-flopping Shasta Daisy . Lily season is open ..this is 'Silver Angels' The famous Digiplexis 'Illumination Flame' . I have to say , this plant gets a gold star for clean foliage, heat resistance, strong stems and bloom period. It shows no sign of slowing d