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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2017

May is the month that finds my garden beginning the transition from the lush exuberance of spring with all it's explosive new growth into the dry months that are a defining factor of our Mediterranean climate . We had a brief heat wave this month , with the temps hitting the low nineties and the hills around our valley are beginning to take on the golden brown hue that is characteristic of summertime. Rain is still possible but not common, and often not measureable.  One of my favorites this bloomday is Cenolophium denudatum. I purchased this last summer and left it in a pot while I agonized over where I would plant it. The spot was chosen , and it kept it's bright green foliage all winter . So far it's a winner.Love those umbellifers !  Both of my Hawkshead Fuchsias are quite pink this spring, but blooming madly and are both in the 5 foot height range.  Briza media always gets the cute grass award. Not grown for it's blooms but Symphytum 'Axmins

Mendocino Village Gardens

 I try to travel out to the Mendocino County coast at least twice a year. It's relatively close-a scenic 3 hour drive. Because it is isolated by virtue of some of the windiest roads California offers  it seems as though you have entered a slow-motion universe where your attention is captivated by  the sea. This either renews me or makes me morose to return to the stressful terrain of the office.Usually some combination of the two.  I make it a habit to execute a garden photo walk though the village of Mendocino where small pocket gardens are plentiful and I have posted about these walks here and here.  It's been several years since I visited in spring (I tend to go out in autumn when the weather is best)  and I was looking forward to peeking at some of my favorite gardens , but decided instead to walk about on the quiet end of the town that is adjacent to the headlands  Here's a long view of the 'neighborhood' . One can fantasize about living here, but you