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Return to Western Hills

I couldn't tell you when the last time was that I walked through this gate , into what was our Northern California version of Heronswood--the bohemian iteration without the mail order, but with a palette of plants otherwise unknown to commerce. Like Heronswood it had fallen into neglect and disarray much to the dismay of west coast gardeners. You can read about the history , decline, fall and rescue of Western Hills Nursery here .  Now reborn as Western Hills Garden, the restoration efforts have been fruitful . I visited on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, which was unfortunately too sunny for decent photos excuse to return.!    Look! It's the same sign, with a few modifications. Unlike the 'old days' there is an entry fee of 10.00, which I was happy to pay if it helps ensure the survival of this garden. Back in the early  80's when I first visited , the plants in the display gardens seemed incredibly exotic. There was not a Restio or a Cotinus