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Garden Show , Please Fix your Flat Tire.

 I've had a few days to ruminate over my visit to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show last Saturday. There is no way to flip the ratio of pro to con. Sadly, the cons win. Last year I posted of my hopefulness in the direction the show was taking , and the spiffy redesign of the website in conjunction with the speaker line-up for 2015  pointed the way to good things.  On the positive side, the seminars were first rate. I attended three: Dan Hinkley, Rebecca Sweet and Billy Goodnick; I have heard both Dan and Rebecca speak before and had high expectations (which were met ) and how could a guy with a Crimes Against Horticulture Facebook page be bad ? These three talks were the highlight of my day , and without them I probably could have done the show in about 3 hours. Rebecca was informative, accessible and charming (and for those of you aware of her current health issues, she looked great-what a class act that lady is) but she and Dan both had show management perpetrated te

Bloomday March 2015

 Spring is progressing here in Northern California , with both the usual flora and bloomers that are early birds- a result of a mild winter with far fewer frosty nights than typical.   Rosa banksia lutea is always one of the first flowers to show up here-a bittersweet show this year as it may be her last hurrah - the structure she lives on is in a very advanced state of deterioration and will have to go , along with Lady Banks.   I really need to get more Freesia bulbs next fall-they are dirt cheap , small enough to tuck in anywhere , and are first rate cut flowers too.  This scented Pelargonium is typically sulking in March, but this year it never died back. This 'Lavender Lady' Lilac popped into full bloom this week.  A lot of collateral Dutch Iris damage when I was crazily digging up my front garden last fall, but this clump was spared. Allium schubertii Euhorbia myrsintes Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' Hellebores stil

The Back Corner

 Although I failed to take a 'before' photo of this northwest corner of my garden be assured it is not verbal embellishment to say it was wall to wall weeds a month ago, with a few ill placed and either under or overgrown plants that were ready to be discarded.This entire area was also a victim of the collapsed fence incident last year, and the subsequent working guy trampling that resulted.  I dug out an artichoke , a Phygelius 'Devils Tears' and a noid Agastache that flopped miserably until it was finally engulfed by it's neighbor Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue' . 'Black and Blue' was spared , the green patch behind the shovel. This Salvia has thick tuberous roots and will spread vigorously if not dealt with firmly in spring, and kept an eye on all summer. I put up with this because I love the plant in spite of it's wanderlust. It seems quite indifferent to heat, drought and is popular with the hummers and beneficials. . The Corsican Hel