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September Bloomday

Taken in haste between wind gusts , my Bloomday offering this month highlights the bright spots in the untidy, floppy and mid-renovation garden. My shovel has been active in September as I continue upending plants which no longer please me, or play the roll they were cast in. I typically don't plant sunflowers , not enough room for the big-uns . This year an extreme mid-summer cut back to Cecile Bruner to allow for an infrastructure repair opened a sunny spot in one of my Hateful Areas   where this volunteer popped up. The Fuchsias are all blooming nicely, and our relatively cool summer  has kept them looking fresh. Winston Churchill here.  Though not winter hardy for me , Salvia 'Wendys Wish' is purchased every spring as soon as she makes her appearance at the garden center.  All of the many Oreganos I own are blooming, but I can only offer a photo of Oreganum dictamnus 'Dittany of Crete'.  Gomphrena 'Fireworks' survived the wi

Cobaea Scandens-Victory At Last

 Many futile attempts have been made here to grow the allegedly vigorous Cobea scandens , a tender vine from Mexico  . It's been tried in a large container, and in various in-ground locations each attempt ending in failure. This spring I was tempted again and lingered near the row of flats at Annies and selected a well-gown specimen, resolved that this would be  the final effort. .     The placement decision was lengthy , but I ended up planting it at the base of the Bourbon rose, Madame Isaac Pereire,  where it would have the benefit of the occasional extra water provided to Madame, and the run off from nearby patio containers. Madame Isaac would be the trellis , with Lady Banks waiting in the wings above should the vine actually grow. Here looking happy and green at the base of it's rosy companion... ...and here it clambers up to the 2nd story and hangs out with Lady Banks.   This is what you see as the bloom forms The flower opens green and deepen