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Brought to You in Living Color

 August is an iffy month in my garden. There has been no rain for months, summer color is starting to wane and it can be hot. We have had an extra dose of triple digit days this year and I am not a fan. My trip to the coast at the beginning of the month was a most welcome journey into cool weather. At Mendocino Coast Botanical gardens the borders are not in the least weary- the pacific is just down the path , and it never gets hot-not weatherwise. The heat radiating  from the exhuberant high summer perennial beds was of the most agreeable sort. Lest you think I went a bit mad with the saturation and vibrance  sliders in Lightroom, other than toning down some highlights and a bit of cropping, these images are barely edited.  The combination in this bed of Helenium, Teucrium 'Purple Tails', Verbena bonariensis, and  Rudbeckia with a backdrop of Cotinus 'Grace' was anything but subtle. This Persicaria lives in the bed on the backside of the Cotinus