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Arty Garden

 In Ginny Davises' garden plants are incidental, providing calm green relief from the the color blast . Nothing is subdued here-starting with the house .    Not sure I've seen so many cool birdhouses in one place .. A very restrained vignette. Heading up the stairs.

Pelargonium schitzopetalum

The annual bloom from this Robin Parer selection is always anxiously awaited. It lives modestly in it's pot all year, and the bloom may go unnoticed by those who prefer the big , brilliant and gaudy. And look...more coming !

Big Leaves Back East

The summer weather in New England is much more like Hawaii than mine here in Northern California. Nights aren't warm unless a dreadful heat wave is upon us, humidity is rarely an issue, and there is no rain.The big tropicals in my friend Deannes garden seem very much at home in this environment.