Arty Garden

 In Ginny Davises' garden plants are incidental, providing calm green relief from the the color blast . Nothing is subdued here-starting with the house .

 Not sure I've seen so many cool birdhouses in one place ..

A very restrained vignette.

Heading up the stairs.


  1. What a magical place. My favorite is the stairway. The heads and dragon are the perfect accents.

    Stop by for a visit soon...


  2. That's very creative. It looks like someone really, really likes to shop and paint. But...why are the heads on the stairs unpainted?

    Cool post!

  3. It appears to be a very happy garden and home!

  4. I'm at not morefamilyandflowers anymore.

  5. When I think how long it's taken us to paint this house a beigy-mustard color, and still not finished! oh, the shame....

  6. Hoover, Ginny is an artist so I guess painting is part of the gig!

    Painting the house takes forever if you do-it-yourself.I'm dreading the $$ to paint this one , but it will need to happen in the next couple of years.Inside too.

    Darla,you can see this house from blocks away--smiles all around.


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