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Late Bloomer-Garden Bloggers Bloom Day June 2017

 On the eve of my departure for points east to join in Garden Bloggers Fling, I couldn't fail to put up a Bloomday post --that just would have been wrong. Photos were hurriedly snapped at a very early hour this morning as I began the process of watering EVERYTHING. We are not only having a dreadful heatwave ( 102 yesterday and heading towards 99 today) which is expected to stick around til Wednesday, I need to have all garden beds hydrated so that the watering helper only has to worry about the containers and the newly planted shade area in my absence.  So here is a very small selection of what is flowering in my garden this month.  The Lilies have begun their parade in the garden this month. As is customary, I bought more this spring . This is Montego Bay which I had completely forgotten about until it opened this week.The photo doesn't really show off the more orange-y tones -not quite as pink as it appears here.  I believe this is Geum Totally Tangerines 5th bloomd