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Garden Bloggers Bloomday for July 2022

   I had no clue that today was the 15th of the month until quite late in the morning. Fortunately the marine layer was still in place so I didn't have to take pics in full sun. Oddly we are having June Gloom in July this year which has been moderating the temps nicely.  I will no doubt improve at navigating dates and times when I have a couple more weeks of retirement in the can.I do have a desk calendar and a wall calendar and plenty of electronic devices that will tell me what day it all, but one must look at them to be informed.  Here then are some of the flower offerings from my garden this month.  Roses are flushing out again, and even the foliage looks decent since the spring rain patterns this year did not favor blackspot.  First up is the beast of a climber Sombreuil.   The David Austin selection 'Happy Child' 'Bolero'  'Gruss an Aachen' Dahlia season is just kicking off. Dahlias are just not particularly garden worthy here- the flowers look great b