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Bloom Day for June 2021

 The 15th of June this year is not only Bloomday , but the day that California rolls back many of the restrictions we have been living with since round about March Bloomday of 2020. I surely never imagined what a long road this pandemic has turned out to be.  The downside is that my days of working from home are numbered -I  am pretty sure we will be full up again at the office in a few weeks. But lets get on with the flower action-a small selection of what is blooming in my garden this month . All Lavenders are in full bloom. I only have 4 this year-so many varietals and so inexpensive and readily available I change them out every 3 years or so before they get too woody.   This Asclepias speciosa from Annies has a long history-bought it in a 4" pot and the original plant died rather quickly, but not completely. I have had it coming up here and there for several years -most are pulled and a couple are kept to see if they might actually either attract some monarchs or bloom. And th

May at the Ruth Bancroft Garden

  My four day holiday weekend extension provided a free morning to go on an outing to Walnut Creek . I had a full roster of chores and projects which even included actual indoor housework -something I always manage to avoid in spring. 'Spring Cleaning' around here means sweeping the patio.    It was quite windy , which has been very common this spring and I tried to get photos between gusts. Fortunately succulents do not blow around much , but everything else was.  Just inside the entry this Agave (horrida?) was engulfed by Mimulus auracantia .  Lots of Agaves in bloom . Kind of sad -this Agave ovatifolia is the anchor pant of this intersection of paths.  Had to get this one from more than one angle. These Agave franzosinii have been in the garden a very long time indeed.                                                                   Romneya coulteri. Eriogonum giganteum St Catherines Lace -there are several of these Channel Island native buckwheats throughout the garden and