May at the Ruth Bancroft Garden

  My four day holiday weekend extension provided a free morning to go on an outing to Walnut Creek . I had a full roster of chores and projects which even included actual indoor housework -something I always manage to avoid in spring. 'Spring Cleaning' around here means sweeping the patio.  

 It was quite windy , which has been very common this spring and I tried to get photos between gusts. Fortunately succulents do not blow around much , but everything else was.

 Just inside the entry this Agave (horrida?) was engulfed by Mimulus auracantia .

 Lots of Agaves in bloom .

Kind of sad -this Agave ovatifolia is the anchor pant of this intersection of paths.

 Had to get this one from more than one angle. These Agave franzosinii have been in the garden a very long time indeed.

                                                                  Romneya coulteri.

Eriogonum giganteum St Catherines Lace -there are several of these Channel Island native buckwheats throughout the garden and a plant I would love to grow if I had the space.


 Mangave 'Snow Leopard'

Spiraling !

 All the Palo Verdes were in bloom with yellow blossom puddles on the ground beneath.

Leucospermum 'Brandi Dela Cruz'

                                                     Here's Brandi cavorting with her neighbors.

Two perfect Mangave 'Lavender Lady' -they were better taken care of over the winter than mine.

 There were a multitude of booming Dykias , but I find them a challenge to photograph. Here I managed to get the blooms and the the plant in the same image.

 A great mash-up of texture and color in this bed. 

  A last few photos from here and there.



  1. Despite the wind, you did a great job in capturing the garden, Kathy. I loved the agave surrounded by the orange money flowers and may have to try that combination somewhere in my garden. I was also impressed by how good all those Mangaves looked. My own 'Snow Leopards' are in partial shade but now I'm wondering if they want more sun.

    1. I kind of stood in spots and waited for the wind to die down -I had to delete quite a few photos! These Snow Leopards were actually under the shade cover , though I don't think they've put the shadecloth over it yet-but there are slats . But I have to say all the Mangaves did look great -much better than any of mine !

  2. Mmmm, so pretty. Garden looks well cared for, too. I've seen the Eriogonum gigantium at the San Diego Botanic Garden--it is quite beautiful. Also, yes, gigantic. The neighborhood here is full of E. fasciculatum and subspecies of same.

    1. The only Eriogonum I have is 'Ella Nelsons Yellow' much more demure. Re-seeds politely.

  3. The RBG is looking fabulous! Thanks so much for documenting your visit.

    1. I think funding is going well there-I think they had a major increase in membership during the pandemic -thus easier to keep the fabulosity.

  4. House work! What is this foolishness you speak of? At this time of year my family has pretty much learned to fend for themselves. Despite the windy conditions your photos of the Ruth Bancroft are gorgeous. Being who they are I am sure they have something equally impressive to replace the blooming A franzossini with.


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