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Terra Nova Drive-By

In June I attended HPSO Study Weekend in Portland. I have yet to blog about all the great gardens I saw in association with that event , but no doubt that will occupy some of my time during those long dark winter nights that are looming ahead.  I always prefer to drive when  heading up to Portland  and because of the distance I do the trip with a stopover on the way. On my way home I did a partial Interstate 5 and coastal route combo and decided to take a detour off  I5 to drive by Terra Novas' dramatically colorful display gardens. My ultimate destination that day was Brookings, a seaside town only a couple of miles from the Oregon-California border, and since I had booked myself an ocean front room I wanted to arrive in time to enjoy the view for a few hours. What I should have done was to leave Portland an hour earlier , and call ahead to Terra Nova to ask if I could stroll the entire garden -as it was I stayed to the perimeter and the parking lot . Not the best photos I've