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February Bloom Day at the Ruth Bancroft Garden

 This month Bloom Day takes a road trip to the venerable Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek. My own garden hasn't got much going on this month, I have so many renovations in process the early spring view has suffered.How many times can I take a photo of the same Hellebore ?  Here then are Aloes and a few others that caught my cameras eye. Full disclosure-these images were taken yesterday. Aloe 'Creamsicle '  The pergola was still sporting it's winter frost cover. The plant labels were not accessible, and due to my spotty Aloe naming skills I have no ID to share. The A. marlothii inside the covered tunnel had yet to bloom, while the 8 footer in the open garden was showing off . The tag was elusive on this one, but I think it's mighty cute . Aloe microstigma I love the blooms of Aloe striata as they emerge. The spectacular Aloe ferox arborescens I believe. Aloe mutabilis ? Moving towards the end of it's run