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Bloomday for February 2022

   Things are finally settling down at the office and I managed to snap a few shots of the scant blooms in my garden this month. I have so many Hellebores blooming I decided to skip them over  and take some extra time to get better photos and give them their own post--I'm offering a token image since it wouldn't be a February Bloomday post without at  least one.   Acacia baileyana purpurea . I liberated this from a container in 2020 and it has rewarded me by doubling in size and blooming profusely.  This is one of my favorite plants -the blooms are not the only attraction . Gotta love that foliage. I don't have room for many trees in my small garden but this one is a manageable size and some concrete removal opened a spot where it can grow to it's full height.  This is Spirea ogon. I get no fall color in my zone which is unfortunate, and it is in fact evergreen here. I had a few blooms show up in November and I was afraid that was going to negate a spring bloom , but he