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 My fellow west coast gardeners seem to be in alignment regarding the unacceptability of August. Yes, there are a few plants that actually look good (the succulents, the grasses, the Salvias) but for the most part growth fatigue has set in along with dust, pre-fall foliage garden debris, and the unrelenting dry conditions that are likely to persist well into October. I'm always happy to show August the door, though September this year  has ushered in our first really significant heat wave, with c-note temps and a string of wild-fire prompted Spare the Air days. While waiting for real  fall weather to arrive I assess the damage perpetrated  by August.  Stachys 'Bello Grigio' was excitedly snatched up in spring and planted in a spot where S. Helen Von Stein, having become elderly and full of dull grey blobs of furry thatch, was dug up.  Daily water after an initial planting is tolerable for awhile, but Bello has begged for water at least every other day all summer long. I f