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Restoration in One Percent Land

Sometimes money can do good things. Pebble Beach , the ritzy golf-centric enclave on the central coast of California clearly has the funds to take care of the 5star environment , and do it well. It costs 9.75 to do the 17 mile drive-I did it twice in the space of three days. The stuff I saw was better than a 12 dollar movie or a 50 dollar ball game. As I drove I thought about living behind high walls  with Burma Shave  style signage touting the security system; huge houses with incredible views and big staffs. I'll take the view. That's all. This rocky knoll is being restored with natives- signage politely asks you to stay off this environmentally sensitive area. Our native Erigeron.. the only plant I could identify. I snuck onto the golf course (Spyglass) and took this shot. Another please-keep-off  area. Pristine.

April Bloom-O-Plenty

It's not hard to find blooms to share in April ..harder to edit out the rejects. Rosa banksia lutea. Silene uniflora. Silene...perhaps some variation of kieskie, the tag on this plant was quite vague. Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko' , the cute little egg shaped buds and crisp while flowers  make up for it's rather non- descript appearance for most of the year. Echium  gentianoides , another I fear mine will never achieve the size and drama of the specimen in the display gardens at Annies , I am none the less thrilled that it made it through our 20 degree nights and I have blooms ! Borage and Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' frolic together. Borage in fact will frolic with just about anything. Unlabled geranium, from Robin Parer many years ago. Weigela What would spring be without an Iris or two? Thanks to our hostess at May Dreams ...happy spring to all

Repeat After Me

 Garden Design 101. Was there ever a seminar, book, lecture or magazine article by garden designer that did not emphasize the importance of repeated elements ? A challenge for the plant collector--one of everything plunges you into design hell. Does the budget allow for 3, 5 or even better  a drift of every plant we need-see-want ? Not to mention the ever present issue of space. There is simply not enough space. If I had an acre, I'd want two . Realistically however, I am a lone-ranger gardener with a 50 hour a week job. My  garden is probably just the right size for me no matter how much I whine about lack of real estate. When I embraced repetition, I improved my garden. Alot. Achellia 'Moonshine' has stepped up to the plate . It has cool silver foliage, yellow flowers (love yellow flowers)  attracts beneficials and has a really long bloom season. I've put them all over the place.  Salvia 'May Night''s only fault is the place of honor on the s