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A Spring Morning Visit to Annies

 Armed with a list and a budget , I made my first 2015 visit to Annies Annuals . In the last several days I have been able to move from the digging stuff up phase to the actual plant installation phase of the various renovations I have happening here. I have orders pending with  Digging Dog and Joy Creek , both of which I expect to see by the end of the month. I lingered in the parking area to admire the Paulownia tomentosa in glorious bloom and the perimeter plantings.. Ooo la la , check out the Cussonia   Annies is vast , and the sales area has expanded  further in the last couple of years , as has the staffing . I was asked multiple times if I needed help-as a professional at Annies shopper , I didn't in fact need help , but I can imagine how overwhelming this nursery could be to a casual gardener or a first time visitor.  The display gardens were all spring-y and rosey... The Flower Floozie is in rare form t

April Bloomday 2015

 The roses all say 'look at me' this month, but there are so many others to see-a mild winter has meant early flowers for many that are in most years still recovering from what passes for winter here. Buff Beauty got to stay during my great rose purge of 2013-2014. The inventory of 70ish has been pared down to 35.    Giant wingspan on this noid Clem.  This color is legit..the tag long gone . I acquired this when the late great Chalk Hill closed up shop.  Lavender and Euphorbia 'White Swan' Jean Giono The fabulous Madame Isaac Pereire All the Gasterias are blooming ! Awkward for photos though ... Pelargonium 'Splendide' ..I've murdered 2 of these, but I swear I will prevail this time. Margaritas anyone ? Ptilotus 'Joey' a good Aussie plant for a container in drought times. Ramona..this was my first Clematis and she lives on after 20+ years.  Gruss an Auchen with Golden Celebration.