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Singin' the Twos

Plant in threes, drifts of five , odd numbers, and so on.Plant trios are pleasing, not stuffy. Two plants create formality -one on each side of the path, the door, the gate-they are sentrys !  In JJ De Sousas Portland garden rules are broken..who needs rules anyway ?  Lots of threes and fives going on here at the front door. Sometimes you break the rules, and sometimes you don't. Garden-makers privilege. Sometimes there's just in JJ's splendid collection of succelents all lined up in matching black pots. The patine of aged concrete and brick and stone were a clever counterpoint to the slick contemporary touches.    JJ is the proprietress of Digs inside and Out in Portland , read  Pam Penicks' excellent post on her shop here

Foliage Follow-Up

I missed the boat on Bloomday this month having spent most of the day on the interstate motoring back from the fabulous Garden Bloggers Fling Portland. So, I will instead participate in Foliage Follow-Up over yonder at Pams' ...check it out !  I'm smitten with Artemsia ludoviciana 'Valerie Finnis' , and hope she will not display any of the thuggish ways of some others in the genus.So far she is comporting herself with decorum. Look at those lovely felty silver leaves ..and she seems unphased by our hot drought-y summers. She lives with Trachelium 'Hamer Pandora" and my un-named Sanguisorba--a pink flowered seedling from Far Reaches Farm ..