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Garden Conservancy Open Day -Marin County

 If I ruled the world, Marin County Open Gardens would commence at 7:am and end at 11.  There was no heatwave for a change (that event happened the following week)  but the only year I have been able to capture decent images was when the gardens were on the coast-Bolinas and Stinson Beach specifically. That tour was posted about here and  here. The sun is not soft in our Mediterranean climate,   I visited four gardens on this June Garden Conservancy tour, and batted 500- two were good one was ok, just not to my taste , and one was well, kinda bad.I won't include the latter two in this post .  First ups is the garden of Roger-all owner IDs on this day were first name only . There were areas of deep shade and full sun and they were adjacent  so I didn't come back with many usable photos. I found this garden to be extremely pleasant to be in. The low profile of the house never intruded and there was a nice mixture of colorful areas and artful combinations of shrubs and small

A Look Back at the John Kuzma Garden

 I could probably post every day for a month or two and never run out of garden tour photos. Visits to private and public gardens are lined up on the horizon, with my 1st Garden Conservancy Open Day on the agenda for this Saturday, and Garden Bloggers Fling only a couple of weeks away.  I feel like I need to share a couple more of my 2018 visits before I head off to 2019 for good.  I first visited John Kuzmas garden when it was a stop on Garden Bloggers Fling Portland in 2014. Horticultural riches are plentiful in Portland but I was especially taken with this garden. Sean Hogan , the iconic PNW plantsman and the proprietor of  Cistus Nursery, was the designer. As I left, I knew that I would need/want to return again; it was one of those gardens that we experience which stay with us. In September 2018  my opportunity to revisit this garden arrived at last. A business trip to Portland coincided with the Oregon Hardy Plant Society Fall Plant Fest, and I had about 24 hours before I had t