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Wine Country Fall

 A friend in Iowa remarked to me upon viewing some fall images I shared, that she never thought of California as a place that had much fall color. In some parts of this state, she would be accurate. California is big, and remarkably diverse, with places that get hideously hot in summer i.e. Death Valley , and frigid  snow bound mountain towns like Truckee . Here in the wine valley, the vineyards start to turn on the heels of the grape harvest. Fruit trees, walnuts, japanese maples, gingkos, chinese pistache, all widely planted , add vertical color. It's not New England, but it's not LA either.

Cotton Arbo-Retum

 House bound over a rainy weekend , I tread into the garden virtually. The photo files from last summers excursions are in need of dispassionate purging, and organization is as sloppy as the junk drawer. We all have a junk drawer, right ?    In mid August, I visited new England , adding some fun time to the tail end of a chaotic business trip.The last stop was a drop-in at Cotton Arbo-Retum , a private garden in Winchester Massachusetts  that is open to visitors all day,  every day,  year round.  The rain started  after only a few minutes in the garden, and protective of my camera I rushed through , snapping several ill-composed images. Waving away mosquitoes in this densely planted garden, I pondered  the generosity of the proprietors , who welcome  visitors without question.  Street side entrance: Please come in. Don't mind if  I do--maybe it won't be raining next time..

Vineyard Jacks