Wine Country Fall

 A friend in Iowa remarked to me upon viewing some fall images I shared, that she never thought of California as a place that had much fall color. In some parts of this state, she would be accurate. California is big, and remarkably diverse, with places that get hideously hot in summer i.e. Death Valley , and frigid  snow bound mountain towns like Truckee . Here in the wine valley, the vineyards start to turn on the heels of the grape harvest. Fruit trees, walnuts, japanese maples, gingkos, chinese pistache, all widely planted , add vertical color. It's not New England, but it's not LA either.


  1. Zdjęcia jesienne są śliczne, ale na czwartym zdjęciu jest cudownie. Pozdrawiam

  2. Lovely...and those palms sneaking in at the end was perfect!

  3. These are fantastic photos, Kathy. Fall has turned that grapevine in the last photo into a fancy leaved begonia. Hope you had a few days off for the holiday.

  4. Going to need to learn to say 'thank you' in Polish.

    Loree, gratified that you noticed the sneaky palm reference!

    A few days it was Denise, a respite before this week's 6 day-er.

  5. What deliciously gorgeous colors. My eyes drink them up.

    Though I can do without the palms...I'm constantly pulling up #@(!&$* palm seedlings. Grrr!

  6. Wonderful pictures, especially number 4!

  7. Breathtaking photos. Absolutely love your header!


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