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Containers at the Office

 I was asked to join a 'facility beautification team' last fall to help tart things up for a group of visiting dignitaries. My mission was the exterior landscape--basically we needed a temporary solution for a vast expanse of ivy and Liquidambar . It was decided to have three 15 foot long redwood planters made that would be terraced into the ivy slope with a few dg steps to access them for planting and maintenance. The plantings would be done seasonally , twice a year. In spring of this year I selected the summer plants, arranged to have them delivered and planted them. Mind you, I normally sit at a computer all day and buy stuff so this was outside my normal duties , but very consistent with how I spend my time at home !  This box had a couple of Acubas on either side of the Asparagus meyerii , however they burned up before the landscape dudes installed the drippers. The Acubas were supposed to add height. This is all that's left of them-only viewable if you walk u

Bloomday August 2015

  An inch or two of rain would be welcome now-smokey skies, dry dry soil, and that dull patina on plants that have seen no water from overhead for many months. Still the garden grows and flowers bloom in their restrained late summer way.  The Erygium is 'Jos Eijking'  and is growing and blooming splendidly . Unfortunately pronouncing 'Eijking' is beyond my language skills. It's Jos for short.  A seedling Verbena hastata ...damn it's cute ! The Lantana here is one of the few plants that continues it's exuberance..a trio live on the hell strip and require frequent trimming to prevent pedestrian obstruction. They receive only occasional water.  Passiflora loefgrenii caerulea..this plant is being carefully monitored. It is exceedingly happy. But look how cool it is! Do you think the neighbors would really mind if it took over their house ? Maybe I should do my entire garden in Passion Vine and Lantana.    Getting a photo of Pelargon

Summer Visit to Digging Dog

 Way back in June I made a Mendocino county loop that featured three Garden Conservacy open days , among them was  Digging Dog Nursery. Though they are open for visitors often throughout the summer, in my experience their private garden has only been open in conjunction with the Open Days program. I try not to miss the opportunity, and this garden as a whole remains my favorite California garden.  As with any garden that is frequently visited, changes are noted and pending changes are looked forward to. This summer, an area that had long been enticingly viewed in the distance  over a barrier  of caution tape for the last few years was open at last.  The abundant borders were in their summer best- the tail end of the 'green times' here in summer-dry Northern California. The nursery is in our coastal Redwood belt, and only a couple of miles inland from the Pacific, so summer temperatures are moderate.  Sanguisorba (which one ?) hangs out with Nepeta. The proprietre