Restoration in One Percent Land

Sometimes money can do good things. Pebble Beach , the ritzy golf-centric enclave on the central coast of California clearly has the funds to take care of the 5star environment , and do it well. It costs 9.75 to do the 17 mile drive-I did it twice in the space of three days. The stuff I saw was better than a 12 dollar movie or a 50 dollar ball game. As I drove I thought about living behind high walls  with Burma Shave  style signage touting the security system; huge houses with incredible views and big staffs. I'll take the view. That's all.

This rocky knoll is being restored with natives- signage politely asks you to stay off this environmentally sensitive area.

Our native Erigeron.. the only plant I could identify.

I snuck onto the golf course (Spyglass) and took this shot.

Another please-keep-off  area.



  1. Lovely, and nice to see some wild area--any wild area--being restored. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful! I would be happy with that view too :). Thank you for the tour.

  3. What a lovely spot. Love the splashes of orange in the 'keep off' area.


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