February Bloom Day at the Ruth Bancroft Garden

 This month Bloom Day takes a road trip to the venerable Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek. My own garden hasn't got much going on this month, I have so many renovations in process the early spring view has suffered.How many times can I take a photo of the same Hellebore ?  Here then are Aloes and a few others that caught my cameras eye. Full disclosure-these images were taken yesterday.

Aloe 'Creamsicle '

 The pergola was still sporting it's winter frost cover. The plant labels were not accessible, and due to my spotty Aloe naming skills I have no ID to share.

The A. marlothii inside the covered tunnel had yet to bloom, while the 8 footer in the open garden was showing off .

The tag was elusive on this one, but I think it's mighty cute .

Aloe microstigma

I love the blooms of Aloe striata as they emerge.

The spectacular Aloe ferox arborescens I believe.

Aloe mutabilis ? Moving towards the end of it's run

 A few unknowns

Aloe framsii

Aloe capitata.

 Some non-Aloe blooms were in display as well.
    Leucadendron 'Ebony'

 NOID , a Grevillea of some sort I presume.

Bulbine just coming into bloom.

 Be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens to get your February bloom-fix from around the globe. Happy Bloom Day !


  1. I need more aloes! I love 'Creamsicle' and A. mutabilis, neither of which I can recall seeing before. I've yet to see a "flower" on my 'Ebony' Leucadendron so it's great to see what they look like. The Grevillea might be G. lavandulacea.

    1. I would have them all over the place if I lived in z10 !

  2. Fantastic photos and gorgeous aloes!

  3. Nice road trip! Ebony for me has been a slow grower. Wonderful photos.

  4. What a feast for sore eyes. Blooms that I can only have as houseplants.

  5. Incredible aloes! Like Rusty Duck, I can only have these as houseplants and my specimens in the greenhouse bloomed earlier or will bloom later.

  6. Ah, lovely, lovely, lovely. And lovely. That photo of 'Ebony' is awesome. Happy I did not miss this post!


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