Aw Hell. Ok, Fine, You Can Stay...

...but just one more year, and I really mean it this time .

You aren't fooling me with this spring display, I know exactly what will happen by June. I need to see some substantial improvement in your performance or you're out. And you have to quit using Sally as a crutch. Shameless.

I'm documenting all of this. Every black spot, every blob of rust, all of it. One more year. Last chance.

(Eden, aka Pierre De Ronsard, planted here circa 1999)


  1. Those bi-colored buds! Do we get to vote too? (What a deal. You get all the work and rust, and we get the photos.) That's no crutch, those two were made for each other.

  2. Having a similar discussion with one of my climbers..

  3. I recognize that get-tough tone. How many years have you been saying this? Have you shown him the shovel? Then he'll know you're serious. I'm having the same conversation with Sally. She's just not as pretty as I thought she was going to be. I think she'd prefer a little relief from the afternoon sun. Oh, well. Eden sure is a lovely rose. Maybe he's trying to hide what displeases you behind Sally's skirts. I do hope you talk some sense into him.

  4. You see Denise, those bi-colored buds get me every spring, on what is otherwise a crappy , crappy rose. I'm weak.

    Darla, I did in fact dig up 'Polka' this fall, a work still in progress. Not a bad rose, but planted in a bad place. The gardeners fault of course !

    Sherryocala, been lurking on the GW rose forums for years --glad to see you ! And yes , Pierre could not have missed the shovel , propped within feet of his rusty/blackspotty-ness.

  5. I planted mine in '00. They were both gone by '04. I do love seeing PdR in other people's spring.

  6. Great pictures of Eden. Is that Sally Holmes with it? I don't grow because I have heard so many bad reports on it...

  7. Sally it is Masha. A least I have one plant on that fence that has leves on it June !

  8. I love the Eden Rose, such a beauty. In my garden this one is very healthy, but others......rust and blackspot are the main problems. Anyway I should not like to have a garden without roses.


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