There are still places along the interstate where there are no chain stores, strip malls, housing tracts, or traffic lights. All of it is endangered; this highway heads straight for San Fransisco to the west and Sacramento to the east. The pressure for development is slumbering now, but it will rise again. 

 This morning I hit the road for a rural pocket to the east, shopping list in hand, destination Morningsun Herb Farm. The demonstration gardens are charming, not perfect-and thereby accessible, and heavy on the herbal side. This is where you learn that herbs are useful, and beautiful.


Drama--Cardoons and Lavender. I might have to go back in a couple of weeks- I wonder if this was planned.

Ooo-weee how I wish I had a spot for Phlomis.

This is a planting in a re-purposed wheelbarrow. Robust !

Some views from gardens,nothing mundane. 


  1. what a place! i love the loose mix of plantings. great color and textural contrasts!

  2. What a very beautiful place. I love the teacups on poles--bird baths/feeders? Charming. Beautiful wheelbarrow planting as well, though I would have snuck when no one was looking and pulled out that blankitty-blank Oxalis.

    Thank you for sharing this gem!

  3. Gorgeous pictures... I LOVE the teacups!

  4. Lol Hoov, pulling that oxalis was tempting I admit, but it is indicative of the rustic style of this garden. Some areas are perfect, some not so much. It's the quintessential family-owned small business.Mom and Pop don't always dust as much as they should.

    Hi Fabiana, thanks for visiting. LA is my hometown, and I love finding bloggers from down yonder.I go to Morningsun at least once a year, and the teacups were not there last year..discovery !

    Laguna, yes indeed, this garden is very textural. There were some large areas that were clearly in the midst of renovation..another trip will be in order this summer


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