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 Last spring I literally stumbled upon this nursery after a mindless yellow page search for garden centers in the Santa Barbara area. Plant shopping was the goal (and isn't it always ?) and a display garden was completely unexpected. This visit a year later had this wonderful nursery firmly on the agenda, and timed for better light conditions for photos. Really a 'destination nursery' if there ever was one, and only a few minutes off the hiway, You gotta go.


  1. Yep, love to be there...right now!

  2. Oh my the different forms and textures are beautiful.

  3. I did stop here and had to restrict myself to bringing home just two plants. Great place, but not the nursery I visited whose name I couldn't remember. That one is Terra Sol Garden Center, heavy on agaves and succulents.

  4. Denise, I went to Terra Sol too, on Monday ! My purchases there were conservative, think of the extra funds if gas were only 3 bucks a gallon !

    Don't miss it if your down this way again Loree. It's right up your alley .

    Form and texture, spot on Darla. Often forgotten in the pursuit of 'color'

  5. Wow, has that place grown up. I first saw it just after it opened...I think they had planted everything from 4" pots. I went again and it was coming along nicely, now your photos are--wow! Wonderful to see it maturing. Thank you for posting this. I need to get back there.

  6. Superb photography! Thanks for the eye candy.


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