BloomDay April-Here and There

This bloom day finds me with photos from a road trip south to zone 10 , along with a few hasty shots this morning  at home as I prepare to back-burner all the indoor chores and spend the day outside.

 Our native Ceanothus is blooming all up and down the state. Fully loaded, this specimen was holding court for the bees at Seaside Gardens on the south coast.

Blooming Aeonium

 Why can't I grow these Alliums ?

Both the above and below shots were taken  in the central garden at the Getty Center in Los Angeles.

 Banksia !

The first roses to open at home , Reinne des Violettes , and Banksia lutea

Happy Bloom Day  to all ...


  1. Fabulous photos of great plants. I'm glad to see lady banks hangs on in your garden. I saw another gigantic fremontodendron on the way home.

  2. What great captures of some beautiful blooms. Uh, my Alliums have never looked like that either,maybe one day.

  3. Oh my...those are beautiful blooms! I am in central California, and I have been enjoying the blooms of the ceanothus planted along the freeway. Such a pretty color! I have not been able to grow alliums either, and those are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your pictures and happy Bossom Day!

  4. I always love the ceanothus. And the aeonium and that allium are insane. Great pictures. I still haven't made it to the Getty. Just one more reason to go.

  5. Denise, at this point Lady Banks has become a bird habitat, so removal is not in the cards until the structure holding her up fails.

    Darla, I have planted Alliums numerous times with zero flowers. I'm going to attempt it again this fall.

    Dorothy, the Ceanothus .. so fabulous ! Our hills here in Napa County are full of them.

    Thanks for coming by bradzio, and I would recommend the Getty, the garden is not large, compared to Berkley or even Ruth Bancroft, but it is architecturally stunning.

  6. Alliums multiply insanely here. I wish they didn't...I removed many last fall and they are already dense out front once more. But Lady Banks will never grow here and how I wish she would!

  7. Oh my... these are some of most beautiful plants I've seen in some time... I don't know where to start... they are all spectacular. Larry


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