The Dracaena Circle

 Toward the exit of a shady grotto of tree ferns , cane begonias , Bromiliads, squinting a bit and reaching for the sunglasses, pulling the hat brim down.Beyond the Eugenia topiaries and across the sunny path you see more shade, really deep shade.

It's compelling, the shade across the sunny path, what's in there ?

  Shades on, shades off. Camera settings adjusted. Hate flash , so I'll take my chances. Crazy branching. How did this photo even come out ? It was dark in there .

Nothing grows here, except for these enormous Dracaenas; there are no tags  , so I assume Dracaena draco.

 The view from outside the circle.


  1. You got your photos! That was some challenging light indeed.

  2. When we visited Lotusland on a roasting hot day, that shade under those Dds felt like heaven. Great post!

  3. Denise , I was pretty surprised that they came out . Wouldn't it be great to be in there with slanty-am or pm light coming in ?

    Thanks Hoover , I visited in April last year too, temps are modetate but I miss the Lotus blooming.

    Yes Dustin, though I admit I am jealous of you 2 visiting the Rancho !


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