Old California..Mission San Miguel

Pulled off the road a bit south of Paso Robles, into the town of San Miguel. Not a prosperous place, dusty streets and a sad downtown,but the mission !


  1. Having helped a middle-schooler make a replica CA mission out of foam board makes all the features in your photos vividly alive to me. Oh, the miniature bells, the tiny arcaded cloisters! Seriously, what a haunting place!

  2. You have to hand it to those 18th century Spaniards, they knew how to architect achingly beautiful buildings. Beautiful photos.

    I love road trip posts!

  3. My late uncle Ronald used to provide old railroad bells to Mexican missions. A fond reminder of a special guy. Thanks KS!

  4. Great post. I recently did one on Carmel Mission. It is fun to find someone who likes some of the same things as I do :)


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