Sunday Morning in Berkley

 A spirited argument with myself was won by the Garden Visitor , lost by the Garden Worker. But it's ok, the Garden Visitor was home by noon , and the Garden Worker had the opportunity to prune more roses, cut back lavenders and grasses , and watch the bees on the Rosemary.
  The destination  was UC Berkley Botanical Garden , an easy commute at 8am on a Sunday . Distracted..snapping photos, looking at the tags, "I'll remember that name"..right? Wrong.

 So.. Hedgehog Agave ?

Agave vilmoriniana -' Octopus Agave'..took a photo of the label.

Aloes in bloom. The camera was smokin...

I love the Restios, and have been plotting away to introduce them into my small garden.


  1. Ah what a fabulous place! I hope to return someday, and thanks for the reminder that it should be when the Aloes are in bloom!

  2. those are some of the best photos i've been of aloes and succulents recently. you are right, your camera was smokin!!

  3. That Hedgehog Aoe sure does make a statement!

  4. That first photo tears my heart right out. Could they be A. geminiflora? That first restio looks enormous -- maybe Restio quadratus? Garden Visitor here won no arguments this weekend, too much computer work, so your post is timely!

  5. BEAUTIFUL day in the sun for me. Thank you! It was minus 16F here last night....

  6. Loree, visiting Norcal in January is risky business , not unlike visiting Portland in January..we are having a false spring event right now, no rain !

    Thanks Laguna !

    Darla, I took about 10 photos of the hedgehog, so cute !

    Denise I id'd as Agave stricta, 'Hedgehog Agave'-similar to Geminiflora, but A. stricta is more leany-moundy, if you know what I mean. And a little shorter I think.

  7. I'm surprised you had camera batteries left after the outing... I love restios too, and have just one in the garden right now. There are lots of nice smaller species that haven't made it into most nurseries--too bad!

  8. Beautiful images. Everything looks so exotic to my Canadian eyes.

  9. Yes A. stricta. geminiflora will often have tiny threads on the edges, stricta not.

    I've had a Restio (Chondropetalum tectorum) suffering in a pot for years and years. Just don't know where to put it--doesn't seem to go with anything else.

    Lovely pictures!


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