Shrub-ish or tree-ish, Banksias are beautiful and striking, and regrettably a Sunset zone or 2 removed from my  growing conditions. A member of the Proteaceae family , Banksias are evergreen , native to Australia and way way cool.

 This is Banksia marginata, and according to my faithful Botanica is highly variable in it's growth habits, depending on the site.


Banksia integrifolia. I love the grey reverse on these leaves...

These photos were taken at Berkeley Botanical Garden .


  1. God what I wouldn't give to grow Banksia! I went to a Hardy Plant Society of Oregon seminar this afternoon, Flora Grubb was one of the speakers. She included a fabulous picture of Leucadendrons and then actually said "ha, I be you wish you could grow these"...YES! Yes I do!!!


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