Issues and Issues

 When house guests are expected the cleaning tends to be more thorough , especially when one has diligently avoided the indoors as much as possible all spring, summer and fall. There are a number of unsavory zones of debris , dark corners from which eyes have been averted , and built up clutter on surfaces. And then, there is The Magazine Thing. Piles and piles of gardening magazines , none of them ever disposed of unless they are unfortunate enough to fall prey to a pet or wine accident . Actual china in the china cabinet ? Not a chance , but if you need an issue of Horticulture from the late 90's I could probably dig it up. English Garden ? Expensive and full of content, must be saved. Never-mind that the aforementioned content is almost completely irrelevant to my climate zone. Remember the now defunct Country Living Gardener ? It lives on in two drawers in the guest room.Pacific Horticulture ? It's a journal; one must always keep journals.  A few years ago I actually bought three of those nice slipcases for my back issues of Fine Gardening-made me feel pretty organized too. They are however, full and have been almost since the day I got them. The overflow is piled on the floor under the bookcase.

  It is a winter tradition here to pull out a few every evening , sometimes to read, sometimes just to look at the photos. Well, usually just to look at the photos. 


  1. It is so good to know one is not alone. When we moved to Oregon my husband (then fiance) questioned the need to move with multiple boxes marked Dwell, Garden Design ... etc. And I thought I was being quite the good mover by giving away my entire library of Metropolitan Home and HG (the previous life of Home & Garden).


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