In the Rear View Mirror, Part Two

The Garden Conservancy obligingly opened the gates for me to enter the spectacular garden of Raul Zumba. Cradled along a western facing slope in the hills above Oakland, this gardens paths meander from one 'hotcha' moment to another. Were you to ask me what the house looked like, I couldn't say. The property is wholly garden-centric , the house though likely lovely, struck me as a place to mix cocktails , make lunch and get out of the rain. On this Open Garden Day, the sounds of some low-key bossa-nova tunes wafted out over the terraces.Well- I just wanted to plop myself down at one of the strategically placed tables and wait for someone to bring me a cold beer and a few grilled shrimp.

 Unfortunately, I couldn't have picked a worse time of day to visit relative to taking photos.No marine layer, not a cloud in the sky and high noon. I await my next opportunity .


  1. May have been the wrong time of day, but this garden looks wonderful - will have to pick your brains on where to visit next time I'm in California.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Wow! Hotcha! indeed. I love the spoked wheel inset in the gate...very cool. And everything else, too.

  3. whoa! love this garden! it's so loose and inviting. the sculptures are wonderful. love that mosaic/stone one, and the whimsical, squatty, crowned ceramic piece, too!! is this open to the public. must head north soon. also, just found your fun blog!! thanks!!

  4. Charlotte, thanks for stopping by ! I really have enjoyed reading your blog this year -it will certainly be a fabulous point of rference if I ever make it 'across the pond '..

    Hello Janine,this is a private garden that was was on the Garden Conservancy Open Days program in 2010-I'm hoping for a repeat..

    Hoover, there were several very cool gates of the property, all likely made by the same artist , and the brick work ! all fantastic.


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