In the Rear View Mirror, Part One

 The sun has put in only fleeting appearances in the last week, and was never robust enough to address the dreadful swampzones that persist in the garden. The back is now designated 'The Lagoon'.  The front features a consistent deluge facilitated by overflowing rain gutters-'The Falls'-one needs a stout layer of waterproof garb to negotiate the path from the sidewalk to the front door without enduring a drenching.  May as well stay in a warm dry house and take a tour through the photo files from 2010 garden visits.

 This private garden on a hillside above  Oakland  is certainly enduring the same relentless precipitation that I am at the moment, but last summer it was a tropi/xeric haven.


  1. Oh does that look lovely and warm right now when I am shivering in the dark.

  2. Something to look forward to though.

  3. Raining here again too. The big-leaved plants in the first photo look like muschia. I have high hopes for my little one to grow up like those big boys. Can't wait for RVM Part Deux!


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