December at the Garden Center

The winter revenue stream is propped up by the green smudge in the background, trucked in from Oregon looking for a home , preening among the Phormiums and frost burnt Dodoneas.

The Silver Tips are stuck in can hang some serious ornaments on these heavy duty branches.

 And the various evergreen topiarys are popular in this season-I wonder how many of them will survive beyond January ?

Camelia 'Yuletide' has become ubiquitous, but still damned attractive if you ask me.

Petticoats are long gone, but I know them when I see 'em. These pink numbers may have tag that says 'kale' but really , just ask Scarlett what she thinks. If I had the funding I'd pop about 50 of them in the front garden. They are ridiculous, and I don't care. Sometimes you just need ridiculous, don't you think ?


  1. "They are ridiculous, and don't care. Sometimes you just need ridiculous, don't you think?"...OMG....YES you do!

  2. Ornamental kale and cabbage do have the pefect dress for a Christmas Ball!


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