All Down

The Japanese maple made an abrupt disrobing this week, the costume landing prettily and obligingly over one of the 'problem' areas. The best this corner of the garden has looked all year, however fleeting.


  1. Sure beats the tiny brown leaves our privet drops!

  2. All that variegation looks spectacular smothered in reds and yellows! It's hard for me to believe this is a problem area.

  3. Saucy, this is the corner of my garden that gets way too much shade, thus a problem area !

  4. Throw in some rich compost and embrace the shade loving plants! You've got a great start.

  5. Is that the Pacific Frost hellebore? And when are they going to breed a heuchera with leaves the color of your fallen maple leaves? Then again, maybe it's better to have that color for this one glorious moment.


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