Urban Homestead

Ok, well maybe it's stretch to apply the term 'urban' to a mission..but urbanity is relative, right ? What might pass for urban in Northern California in 1823 ?   And anyway, Urban Homestead seems like a catchy title for a post.


And how about the fruits on this Prickly Pear ..talk about sustainable !

Mission San Francisco de Solano is in the town of Sonoma, adjacent to the square. These photos were taken in January.


  1. Ah, old times. I used to ride my bike from Petaluma to downtown Sonoma -- with my little Alfie dog in the bike basket. Must've been 12 miles -- felt like 20. That's one healthy-looking prickly pear.

  2. Oy Denise, it might be ok to bike from Petaluma to Sonoma if it was flat..! No wonder it felt like 20..

    I had to weigh in somehow Loree !


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