BloomDay February

I'm a Bloomday Sophomore -two more and I graduate. I'll be happy with a 3.0 .

 What did I look at in February before I grew Hellebores ? 

I love Pansies. I think it's the fragrance.-or maybe the faces ? . These ruffle-y numbers are new for me this year-naturally I lost the tag and have no clue what they are named. WTH.

Clematis Armandii is unfolding.

I could post a photo of Borage every month . I always have one- they seem oblivious to the hazzards of winter.


  1. Happy Bloom Day. Lots to see at your site.

  2. Beautiful blooms for today....I love the ruffled pansies!

  3. What gorgeous, intense colors. Your borage reminds me of a borage I grew long ago, B. laxiflora, a prostrate kind. I need borage back in my garden. Happy bloom day, Kathy!

  4. Those are all beautiful! I think you belong at the head of the class.

  5. Lovely photos! Your armandii and borage are ahead of must be just a bit cooler here. Happy Bloom Day!

  6. Beautiful photos. I love that first hellebore.


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