Stonewall Kitchens

 I try nobly to incorporate edibles into my garden, though space and exposures often confound my best efforts. I can usually always fit it a Sungold tomato, even if in a pot, and this year I have plans for haricots verts and Armenian cucumber, both to be grown vertically. I return frequently to photos I took while on a garden junket to Maine in the summer of 2009. Stonewall Kitchen in York is my benchmark for combining edibles and ornamentals beautifully.


  1. This pictures prove one more time how beautiful, ornamental herbs and vegetables can be! So bright and cheerful!

  2. That crinkly stuff (kale?) is so beautiful. Lovely photos!

  3. That is one fine kitchen garden.

  4. Tatyana,so right-I grow lots of herbs in my garden, but never produced anything quit as dramatic as this garden.

    Yes, Hoover, the damn kale grows like mad out there in New England. Apparently they have a different species of aphid.

    The food in the restaurant was great too Denise..

  5. Lovely. Wish I could tag along with you.... wish I could visit York!
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

  6. That's an inspirational garden, full of lots of ideas of great-looking edible plants to use and how to combine them. I have a few pockets of ornamental edibles, often featuring kale and chard, but these photos show that there's lots more I could be trying out.


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