The Arboretum at UC Davis

 Over morning coffee I pondered my options for a rainless Sunday. Why not visit a garden that I would not even consider for a summertime destination? Davis fits the bill; the central valley of California is dreadful in summer. Flat, hot and hazy.

 The University at Davis is the premiere school for veterinary science, and enology in the California system. The arboretum is modest when compared to the botanical garden at UC Berkekely, but it has some nice features going for it. It's free, it's open 24 hours a day ( amazingly I saw no evidence of Saturday night student beer parties ) and it is adjacent to downtown ; walkers, runners and bikers are the beneficiaries of its wide paths.

 The paths run along each side of a stream, in this area Hardenbergia was in full bloom along the banks.

I couldn't find the tag for this Acacia caught the sunlight in a lovely way.

Acacia vestita 'Hairy Wattle' .. so why the 'hairy' moniker ? I searched for evidence in vain. Not a hair to be found.

Acacia cultiformis 'Knife Acacia' .

I MUST have this plant, Brachyglottis 'Sunshine'  also known as Senecio greyi. It gets big. I don't care , I'll find a way.

So this is Melaleuca viminea . Those round growths on the branches are fruits that release seeds when exposed to fire.

Eucalyptus caesia. Aren't the flowers great ?

Lots of nice winter views like this along the paths.


  1. Hey, I pretty sure that was Acacia linifolia.

  2. Yeah Dustin, a good ID I think. Thanks !

  3. Wonderful field trip, ks,
    Now following your 'gardenbook.'
    I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have not been to UC Davis Arboretum.
    No excuses!
    I have experienced the winter beauty at UC Santa Cruz Arboretum and it's equally lovely.
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

  4. Hi Alice, your book is always on my desk and I love your blog/website. Admittedly, I have lived here in Norcal for over 25 years and this was my first visit to the Davis Arboretum..this is entirely due to my aversion to the Central Valley. Need to put it behind me y'know ?


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