In a Vase on Monday

 I have to say since joining this meme a few weeks ago , my Saturday vase making has become quite a bit more involved. Not a bad thing at all , it's been fun to take a more considered approach and to try using material I never had before. I've been listening to Debra Prinzings Slow Flowers podcast for a year or more , but now I've started following the Instagram feeds of  some of the flower farmers and floral designers she has interviewed. Lots of inspiration out there. I wish -and have always wished- that I had room for a cutting garden.

 Last week I tried  Phygelius  'Moonraker' thinking that it was doomed to fail . I was surprised to find that the blooms lasted for almost the whole week . Who knew ?

  So here is what I came up with this week. My never-used items this week included bloody dock, Persicaria 'Red Dragon'  and around the rim is foliage from a small somewhat prostrate noid Hebe that I have had for years

 I put the dock all aroud the edge-you can see it a little better in this image.

 Also Clematis Rooguchi and Orlaya 'Minoan Lace' ....

... Anigozanthos, Sanguisorba 'Chocolate Tip' ..

..and Briza media, worlds cutest grass.

 I'm finding that the Orlaya blows quickly , so next week I will try less open flowers . I have enough that I can stick fresh blooms in the vase mid-week if need be.

 The vase is from the Bauer Hi-Fire line produced in the late 1930's.

 Be sure to navigate over to Rambling in the Garden for more Monday Flowers !


  1. I like the featherinesss, the openness, the use of plants like dock and briza in your vase. I didn't know Bauer made vases. What a treasure!

    1. I've been collecting Bauer for ages -decades in fact- and I have a fair amount of vases !

  2. Excellent, again! I find my Persicaria about 50% dependable. I wish I knew what goes wrong sometimes...

    1. So far it's still holding up well after 3 days . The dock may be the first to go this week-it still looks good but it feels a trifle iffy.

  3. You're on a roll, Kathy! Your latest creation brought to mind a grassy meadow, not that one can find Kangaroo Paws or Clematis in such places. I love the addition of the dock, which I grew at one time, and the Briza, which stubbornly refuses to flower for me. Sanguisorba is another plant I covet but, sadly, it's not happy within my zonal range either.

    1. Interesting that your Briza doesn't bloom- I guess you don't have to deal with the seedlings !

  4. Bloody dock?!!! At first I thought you were being derogatory about my old favourite Red Dragon! Love the combination of plants in your vase, with the perscaria and clematis and sanguisorbia, as well as the briza. Thanks for sharing, Kay


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