Bloomday June 2018

 Blooms are abundant this month and I only captured a fraction of the floral action in my garden . I might have to do a Bloomday version 2.0 later in the month to share all the flowers that didn't make the cut for this post.

 Allium sphaerocephalon is happily bobbing it's head in several locations . I'm going to do a bit of camouflage planting later this year , hopefully to hide the crappy foliage for next summer.

 Clematis 'Arabella' , a bloomday regular til fall.

 I dug up all my Digitalis 'Illumination Flame' a couple years ago and have re-instated it this year. You can't beat it for longevity of bloom and performance in awkward exposures. It seems to get by just fine with once a week watering.

 Oh yes, it's Lobelia tupa. When I planted this a few years ago I had absolutely no expectations of how it would react to life in my garden. I never see it anywhere in my town, the only nurseries that that are even remotely local (Annie's and Digging Dog) are the only places I have ever seen it offered- I bought it from one of them . It is a 5 star plant here; architectural, dramatic, pest free. I  don't feed it , and I water deeply every 10 days or so.

 Angelica stricta purpurea . Pretty excited that I have a seedling this year for the 1st time.

 I have a grove of Orlaya.

 An area of my front garden that I am very happy with this year- it may need it's very own post- in spite of a completely out of control Phlomis and a rose that is out of place.  You can see Sideritas cypria here and the Erygium is 'Blaukappe' which I purchased last fall after seeing it at Longwood in June. 

 Here it is a bit clearer. The flowers are small but abundant , growing in sprays from tidy basal foliage. I plan to increase the inventory on this one.

 This Anigozanthos lives in close proximity .

 As does Verbena bonariensis.

 This is the excellent Eryngium 'Jos Eijking ' which has larger flowers and spikier leaves. It's just starting to blue-up.

  Our hostess Carol at May Dreams Gardens diligently gives garden bloggers the opportunity to share the floral wealth on the 15th of every month.


  1. I am SO envious! Okay, I know I have a lot of flowers but you have so many I covet and have been utterly unsuccessful in growing. Like Clematis, and Digiplexis (mine were repeatedly devastated by mealybugs), and Erygium. When it comes to plants, I'm just greedy...

    1. You should chat with Hoov about her process with the Clems-she seems to do quite well with them .

  2. Lots of fabulous blooms but Anigozanthos will always be THE STAR in my garden book...

    1. I'm actively planning for some additions. Lots of drama !

  3. I loved seeing your Clematis, such a beautiful shade of blue!

    1. As an added bonus, Arabella blooms all summer long.

  4. Beautiful!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  5. That sideritis and eryngo -- wow! And I had just one bloom stalk on my angelica, which ran to seed weeks ago. Your garden looks so fresh!

  6. Your garden looks great! the Erygium is 'Blaukappe' is beautiful. Haven't been to Longwood Gardens in years, but studies there are a student right after college. It's a great place. Thanks for sharing.

  7. pretty blooms ! liked the clematis


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